April 2017


April 4, 2017: Art & Urban Space in Los Angeles. An interview with Mary Thomas, PhD candidate in visual studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, about her dissertation titled “Enacted Sites: Art and the Visualization of Spatial Justice in Los Angeles, 1966–2014.” Her research uses theories of improvisation to explore how artists participate in struggles for spatial justice.

April 11, 2017: Non-Citizenship. An interview with Professor Catherine Ramirez, Director of the Chicano Latino Research Center and Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at UC Santa Cruz, about the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s John E. Sawyer Seminar events on Non-Citizenship. We discussed the meaning of “citizen” and “non-citizen,” underscoring the urgency in which we need to see the humanity in all people.

April 18, 2017: Mass Deportation in the United States.  An interview with Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza, Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced, discussed her award-winning book titled Deported: Immigrant Policing, Disposable Labor and Global Capitalism (NYU Press 2016).

Programming note: No show aired on April 25, 2017.