June 2017 shows

June 6, 2017: An interview with Professor Bettina Aptheker of Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz about activism, past and present and about being the inaugural endowed presidential chair of Feminist Studies.

June 13, 2017: Show highlights since April 2017!

** Summer Schedule is out: Show airs at same time (5:30PM) and moves to Thursday.**

June 22, 2017: An interview with Chair and Professor Dean Mathiowetz of Politics at UC Santa Cruz about meditation and social justice.

June 29, 2017: No show this week- show is back the following week on July 6th!

May 2017 shows

May 2, 2017: Part 1 of my interview with Professor Vijay Prashad, the George and Martha Kellner Chair in South Asian History and Professor of International Studies at Trinity College to discuss the state of the US left, Trumpism, the media, and much more!

May 9, 2017: Part 2 of my interview with Professor Vijay Prashad.

May 16, 2017: Interview with UCSC PhD student of Sociology Claudia Lopez about her dissertation research on Colombia, forced displacement and gender.

May 23, 2017: Interview with UCSC PhD student of Sociology Kati Barahona-Lopez about her work with CARECEN-SF.

May 30, 2017: Interview with cultural anthropologist professor Arlene Dávila of New York University about her work.

March 2017


March 7, 2017: Favela Tourism in Brazil.  An interview with international sociology scholar Bianca Freire-Medeiros from the University of São Paolo in Brazil.  We discussed her research on the growing market of favela tours in Brazil and structural poverty.  Freire-Medeiros is currently a Tinker Visiting Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

March 14, 2017: The Struggles of Day Workers in Santa Cruz County: An interview with Ana Hirsig Gutierrez, Program Coordinator of the Day Workers Center in
Santa Cruz.  We discussed the challenges facing day laborers in the county and the services the center offers the community for both employers and day laborers.

March 28, 2017: This show played excerpts of three interviews since the start of the show.  You can hear full interviews below with Laurie Palmer of UCSC Art Department about Chicago Torture Justice Memorials, Shahid Buttar of the Electronic Frontier Foundation about surveillance, and Fernando Leiva of UCSC Latin American & Latino Studies Department about Chile, the US, and authoritarianism.

February 2017


February 7, 2017: Surveillance and People’s Resistance.  An interview with the Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s Grassroots Advocacy Director Shahid Buttar about the extent and breadth of surveillance and the urgency of people’s resistance.

February 14, 2017: The rise of authoritarianism, the United States, and Chile.  An interview with UCSC Associate Professor Fernando Leiva of Latin American and Latino Studies about the parallels between the rise of authoritarianism in Chile during the dictatorship and the United States today and the assassination of his uncle Orlando Letelier by Pinochet in Washington DC.

February 21, 2017: Citizens and Non-Citizens: Marshallese migrants to Arkansas. An interview with Mellon Foundation postdoctoral fellow Dr. Emily Mitchell-Eaton.  She is the postdoctoral fellow in Non-citizenship at the Chicano Latino Research Center at the University of California Santa Cruz. We discussed her research on migration from the Marshall Islands to Arkansas and covered topics like citizenship, militarism, migration, settlement patterns,and concerns about a rise in xenophobic or anti-immigrant sentiment in the current political climate.

February 28, 2017: A Memoir about home, mothers, love, memory, and Tibet.  An interview with author Tsering Wangmo about her book Coming Home to Tibet: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Belonging (2015).  Wangmo is the 2016-17 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Graduate Fellow in Non-citizenship at the Chicano Latino Research Center and a PhD Candidate in Literature here at UC Santa Cruz.  We discussed Tibet, the loss of her mother, and the plight of refugees and people living in exile today.

January 2017


January 17, 2017: An interview with Martha Ortega, Interim Undocumented Student Services Coordinator for the Educational Opportunity Program at UCSC.

January 24, 2017: The Women’s Marches. A conversation with UCSC Professor Lisa Rofel of Anthropology and UCSC Associate Professor Felicity Amaya Schaeffer of Feminist Studies about the unprecedented Women’s Marches of Jan. 21, 2017 in Santa Cruz and Washington, DC.

January 31, 2017: Race, Justice, and Reparations in Response to Police Violence.  An interview with UCSC Professor Laurie Palmer of the Art Department, who is the co-founder of the Chicago Torture Justice Memorials.  Includes an opening commentary by the host regarding this political climate.

April 2017 shows


April 4, 2017: Art & Urban Space in Los Angeles. An interview with Mary Thomas, PhD candidate in visual studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, about her dissertation titled “Enacted Sites: Art and the Visualization of Spatial Justice in Los Angeles, 1966–2014.” Her research uses theories of improvisation to explore how artists participate in struggles for spatial justice.

April 11, 2017: Non-Citizenship. An interview with Professor Catherine Ramirez, Director of the Chicano Latino Research Center and Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at UC Santa Cruz, about the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s John E. Sawyer Seminar events on Non-Citizenship. We discussed the meaning of “citizen” and “non-citizen,” underscoring the urgency in which we need to see the humanity in all people.

April 18, 2017: Mass Deportation in the United States.  An interview with Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza, Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced, discussed her award-winning book titled Deported: Immigrant Policing, Disposable Labor and Global Capitalism (NYU Press 2016).

Programming note: No show aired on April 25, 2017.