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January 4th & 11th: The #Metoo Movement and What’s Next
Dr. Ashwini Tambe is an Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at University of Maryland-College Park. She has recently been writing about the #metoo movement. We discussed the precursors to this public outcry about sexual harassment, abuse, and violence; what it means to survivors/victims to be living through this moment; and how we should understand the circle of complicity that has emboldened this behavior. We also reflected on what it means to have a US president in office with accusations of sexual harassment and assault and about the crowdsourced survey created by Dr. Karen Kelsky regarding sexual harassment in academia.

Articles written by Dr. Ashwini Tambe:
Speculation about the “why?” question
Analytical piece answering the “what” question
Blog by Dr. Karen Kelsky, posted on Jan. 1, 2018 on the Chronicle of Higher Education: When Will We Stop Elevating Predators?