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Voces Críticas/Critical Voices offers an informative discussion of the news (local, national, and international) and/or social issues facing and of interest to communities of color by engaging in conversation with public intellectuals, activists, artists, and other community members.

The show airs on Thursday at 5:30pm on 88.1 FM, KZSC-Santa Cruz.  You can listen online HERE.
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May 2018 shows

May 3rd: The “Whole Child” Educational Approach
How do you meet the educational needs of the “whole child” beyond what you see in the classroom alone? Dr. Rebecca London discusses an ambitious new initiative she’s a part of in the Bay Area called the Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust. This research project seeks to build a database in which school and social service partners work together to meet the needs of the whole child. Dr. London is an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department and Faculty Director of the Student Success Evaluation and Research Center at UCSC. Her research focuses on understanding the challenges faced by disadvantaged children and youth and the ways that communities and community organizations support young people to be healthy and successful.

May 10th: **KZSC PLEDGE DRIVE** Re-air of interview with Dr. Patricia de Santana Pinho about the political crisis in Brazil. Original air date of Feb. 1, 2018.

May 17th: No show this week > Tune in next Thursday.

May 24th: The Politics of Visibility & Undocumented Status
An interview with Dr. Rebecca M. Schreiber, Associate Professor in the American Studies Department at University of New Mexico, on her new book titled The Undocumented Everyday: Migrant Lives and the Politics of Visibility (2018, University of Minnesota Press).

May 31st: US Immigration Politics
An interview with Roberto Lovato, journalist and prolific writer, about immigration, the drug war, national security and climate change.



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