September 2017 shows

September 7, 2017: Part 2 of my interview with Dr. Rebecca Hernandez Rosser, Director of UCSC American Indian Resource Center.

**See interview clip from August 24th for full interview.**

September 14, 2017: A Story About Climate Change & Forcible Displacement in Kivalina, Alaska
An interview with Dr. Christine Shearer, a Senior Researcher at CoalSwarm, an organization that is mapping and analyzing all major proposed coal projects on the globe.  Dr. Shearer is the author of Kivalina: A Climate Change Story (2011, Haymarket Press). She discusses the effects of climate change on the village of Kivalina, located in a remote area of Alaska. Dr. Shearer discusses how climate change is forcibly displacing this community that has agreed to a community relocation over 20 years ago. However, no federal resources are available to facilitate this relocation. Dr. Shearer also addresses a lawsuit filed by the village of Kivalina against 24 fossil fuel companies, which was recently dismissed.

September 21, 2017: Race, Critical Pedagogy, and Democratizing Education
An interview with Professor Zeus Leonardo of UC Berkeley’s Education Department. We discussed his research on race and pedagogy, about the challenges facing public education today, and about the differences between white privilege and white supremacy as a framework to discuss whiteness. We also discussed the events happening in the city of Berkeley and at UC Berkeley by right-wing groups seeking to disrupt the city, specifically discussing the enormous financial burden to provide security for these speakers.

September 28, 2017:
What It Means to be #FirstGeneration
An interview with Dr. Rebecca Covarrubias, Assistant Professor of Psychology at UCSC and the Director of The Culture & Achievement Collaborative. She is a first generation college student and now faculty member who helped launch UCSC’s First Generation Initiative to raise the visibility of the First Generation community at UCSC.  We discussed the cultural challenges facing First Generation students. Being a native of Phoenix, we also talked about her reaction to the presidential pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaoi of Phoenix.